You’ve probably heard the term “postpartum depression” or “baby blues” common in new mothers after delivery. While some of the symptoms may overlap, they are two different things.

It is quite common for a Mom to be fatigued or worried after delivery. No matter the number of books you read or apps you study, when you finally give birth, reality set in.

It’s completely normal to feel worried or anxious about dealing with your baby and it usually fades in a few weeks.

Postpartum depression is a lot more powerful and lasts longer.

It is characterized by 3 core symptoms namely…

Persistent sad feeling.

Low energy.

Loss of interest in previously pleasurable activities.

When it occurs in the postpartum period, that is, the first 6 weeks after delivery, it is referred to as postpartum depression.

I wrote a very detailed article about this topic on

Whether you are just trying to lose weight while breastfeeding or you have just not been yourself since you delivered your baby, this article is a must-read.

  • Symptoms of postpartum depression?

The symptoms vary from person to person and even day to day.  They are most likely to start within a few weeks of delivery. Sometimes, they don’t surface until months later. Symptoms may let up for a day or two and then return.

  • Difference between sadness and depression

When you read over 20 symptoms of postpartum depression on, you will most certainly agree with me that sadness and depression are not the same.

  • You will also learn about common causes and treatment options.

Head over to… to read the full article.

Please leave a comment on that page–tell me how you were able to juggle your tasks as a new mom without feeling overwhelmed.

Did you have adequate help???

Have you ever battled with any of the highlighted symptoms of postpartum depression?


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